Y10A Super Air Purifier is designed for large room, hotel, hospital etc. It can make the PM2.5 reduce to 0 in room with micro negative ions. The sterilization rate is 99.9% which can quickly offer fresh air in 5 minutes.


Color: bronze
  • Designed for big space: 360o full circulation, efficient area up to 150 m2

    Real-time display: About the air quality like PM2.5, chemical pollutants, tempera ture and humidity etc.

    Micro negative ions: Release 20 million pcs/cm3 micro negative ions, and have excellent to remove PM2.5, smoke, pollen, bacteria and virus.

    Multiple purification: Bamboo filter+ hepa filter +activated charcoal+ photocata lysis coating

    Coverage: Living room, office, kitchen, hospital

  • What's included: Air purifier with filters installed, user's manual, power cable