. AVICHE best personal air purifier - M1, can remove 99.9% viruses, dust, pm2.5, germs, bacteria with 20 million negative ions , which is designed for travel,office,home


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Color: Black
  • High negative ion release:  Release 20 million (at output)/8 million (>5cm) pcs/cm3  micro negative ions.

    Long Standby:  It can work continuously for 35-40 hours. long battery life, it can be recharged over 500 times.             

    Effective Purification:  effectively remove PM2.5, second-hand smoke, pollen, virus, etc. bring you a safe space about 1 m³.

    Portable and Lightweight:  it only 50g. you can use it at home, office, airplane, train and so on

  • What's included:  Air purifier, User's Manual, USB charging cable, Lanyard