C1 is a new generation Car Air Purifier which used the latest double fans air duct circulation system and bamboo fiber HEPA filter and designed to remove PM2.5, smoke, allergy, TVOC, Odor.....


Color: White
  • Rapid purification in 3 min: Two fans circulation system, Can quickly purify car room air in 3 minutes

    App control: Control wind power and real-time monitoring of air quality with app.  

    Negative ions purification: The concentration of negative ions released is 1000 times that of the forest, making you feel like driving in the forest

    Multiple purification: Pre-filter + bamboo filter+ lysozym + HEPA filter + activated charcoal

    Intelligent regulation: After the automatic mode is turned on, the purification level will be automatically adjusted according to the air quality


  • What's included: Air purifier with filters installed, bracket, user's manual, power cable